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Studio owner, hairdresser, stylist, makeup artist, photographer

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Viktoriia is the owner of Viktoriia Beauty Salon. “I’m very happy that I started a business where I can combine my hobbies. I was thrilled by the idea of a salon for everyone, that means that every person could afford themself to be beautiful for reasonable price.”

“In the branch of hairdressing and makeup I am over 15 years, and I love my work. I am pleased with every consultation and meeting with the client, because the work, that I truly love helps women and men to feel more beautiful, happier, and maybe even more self confident. I’m happy to contribute what is possible to their personal satisfaction. In my work I enjoy the possibility of creative expression and coloring of crazy colors most of all.”

She is very fond of learning new trends and procedures at hairdressing trainings.

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Instagram: viktoriia.beauty.salon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/livvsro

Languages: CZ, Rus, En, Ger, SK, Ukr



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Lara is a certified hairdresser and stylist with 25 years of experience “I really love my profession! I like to do: haircuts men`s and women`s, classical hairdye, hairstyles.”
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Instagram: lara.kadernice
Jazyky: Rus, Ukr
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Liubov is a diploma specialist with a 3 years of high hairdressing school, won 1 place in the school competition with the theme “Pomada”.

“I like the branch, which I chose because I like to change people to the better side. I like to do men’s and women’s haircuts, braids, women’s hairstyles, hair coloring and beard finishing.”

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Instagram: liubovpavliuk299

Jazyky: CZ, Rus, Ukr

Nail Artist

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Hello! My name is Valeria, I am a professional nail designer with rich experience and passion for my craft! I offer a wide range of services, from traditional French manicures to bold and innovative designs, with an emphasis on the safety and quality of materials used. I have years of experience in manicuring and have completed courses in Prague leading to a state certificate with a diploma. I also regularly participate in further education courses to maintain and enhance my skills. Allow me to turn your ideas into reality and help you feel not only beautiful but also confident every day.

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Instagram: valerilight_nails_studio

Jazyky: CZ, EN, Rus, Ukr, PL


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I am a braider – a certified master who specializes in braiding afro braids, dreadlocks, braids and so on. I have more than 7 years of experience. you are tired of being “like everyone else”? Do you want to attract the attention of others? Are you tired of everyday styling? Are you going on a trip? Do you want to have long and thick hair? – I am happy to be able to offer you a huge selection of hairstyles that you can braid with me in high quality and at affordable prices. If you are in doubt about the hairstyle option, I am ready to objectively describe everything you are interested in, I will advise you on any type of afro hairstyle, including how to care for them, and based on experience, choose what is right for you and will emphasize your beauty!

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Instagram: liliyadreads

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Jazyky: Rus, Ukr, EN, CZ