Hair Color Intensis Color Art Prosalon Professional

New Prosalon Intensis Colour Art Permanent colour cream brand collection comprises over 112 unique and intense shades, ranging from the basic ones to the most unusual and unique. It is worth to pay attention to the exceptionally wide range of ash tones as well as special blond and brown shades. Modern formula allows to nourish the hair even during the colouring process. Macadamia oil contained in the colouring cream protects hair against damage, conditions it, increases its buoyancy and resilience, leaving it looking radiant. The use of innovative ingredients protects the hair and scalp against irritation which may accompany the colouring treatment. Pleasant, fruity scent efficiently conceals the smell of ammonia, which makes the treatment is enjoyable for both the client and the hairdresser. Intensis Colour Art procedure enhances hair shine, providing a unified, deep and lasting colour and 100% grey hair coverage. Rich colour palette allows for unique and unlimited colour effects.